I’ll Have ONE Tiny Glass of Wine

(As always) I’m way early. Being late is just not an option for me. Horrible for myself (hate standing in a bar, or in this case the schoolyard by myself). Annoying for the people I meet with. One minute late is followed by thousands of calls, texts, apps and even emails.

This time I’m not meeting up with only one person, but our entire group of friends. And not ONE of them is on time.

So unthinkable, inattentive and yes actually totally lacking of respect.Would they be late for a job interview, an important meeting or an appointment at the hairdressers?

Now there is nothing else to do then order a glass of wine. Being alone AND drinking water is just too much to handle.

When friend M. (FINALLY) shows up, I’m on my second glass. Which hits me big time, since all I ate today was one entire apple.

E. and C. arrive half an hour later. They only get a little speech, because I’m feeling great. Such a shift from water to wine isn’t that bad…