I Am Going CRAZY

To get a tiny picture of my disastrous life, here are this morning’s events UNTIL 9 am (the day hasn’t even STARTED yet).pablo-39

  • Youngest yells at 5.30 am: ‘I go poo!’ And keeps repeating this, till EVERYONE is awake. Good morning…
  • Daughter C. turns down her (yesterday TOGETHER selected) outfit and bursts out in anger because she is not allowed to wear her summer dress (it is freezing outside)
  • There is a second tantrum when it turns out daughter C. left her horsewhip at the stables and I don’t want to go and get it THIS MINUTE
  • We are out of Nutella. Three angry faces. Actually two, because C. is having a time-out in the hallway
  • Out of sheer frustration because of another (totally not peaceful) morning, I knock over K.’s glass of lemonade with my angry movements. Over K.’s sandwich, the chair, the table and…all drawings of daughter L. MAJOR disaster
  • Arrived at the library (with finally calmed down kids), it turns out I forgot our previously borrowed books. Which doesn’t matter anyway, because the library is still closed…

It is 9.15 am. I am going CRAZY.




Auteur: Renske Kaldewaij

Ella Ebeling is de creatie van schrijver en journalist Renske Kaldewaij. Net als Ella is Renske 38 jaar oud, ruim zeven jaar verloofd en moeder van drie kinderen. De verhalen zijn deels autobiografisch, deels verzonnen.

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