I HATE People

Schoolyard, here we are again. Woop woop. NOT.

God I hate people. People in the supermarket, people on the street, people in the tube, but ESPECIALLY people in and around school.

‘Good morning’, ‘Oh HIII’, ‘Hey’,… Ugh.


I prefer staring at the floor so I don’t need to greet anybody. But I know (out of experience) that way you knock over at least three little kids, so that’s not a option (their parents thought, I don’t care that much).

Two possibilities left. One: look as cranky as humanly possible, so no one even dares saying hello. But that gives me wrinkles and than I have to do BOTOX again and that wasn’t my biggest hit.

Two: put on a happy face and wish everyone a SUPERgoodmorning back. But in the morning I am not capable to fake happiness.

So that leaves running through the school (avoiding the little ones), throwing children into their classrooms and race home as soon as possible. Five days a week, forty weeks a year….

If that is no MAJOR disaster.




Auteur: Renske Kaldewaij

Ella Ebeling is de creatie van schrijver en journalist Renske Kaldewaij. Net als Ella is Renske 38 jaar oud, ruim zeven jaar verloofd en moeder van drie kinderen. De verhalen zijn deels autobiografisch, deels verzonnen.

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