One Down, Eight To Go…

Forgot to put the trash out this morning (well ACTUALLY fiancé).pablo-173

Very annoying. Little pieces of plastic are being ripped apart by one aggressive magpie. Every minute this (very) scary bird leashes a new attack. The ground is covered with little pieces of egg mixed with homemade pasta sauce and other undefinable rubbish.

There is no other option than bringing ALL trash bags (including ripped one, new) to the waste disposal.

Already slightly rancid I park the car next to the disposal container. On high heels (okay not very clever, but smelling AND walking on flats is just too much) I click clack to the big iron monster. With a elegant swing I toss the first bag in the container. One down, eight to go…




Auteur: Renske Kaldewaij

Ella Ebeling is de creatie van schrijver en journalist Renske Kaldewaij. Net als Ella is Renske 38 jaar oud, ruim zeven jaar verloofd en moeder van drie kinderen. De verhalen zijn deels autobiografisch, deels verzonnen.

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