Horseback riding is daughter C.’s newest hobby. I do not like the smell, I do not like the danger and I CERTAINLY do not like the animals! Today youngest daughter L. isn’t the only one tagging along. Friend P. is also joining us. Which means the chances of me reading my new fashion mag have now dropped below zero. img_0513   We have arrived early, so there is still help available. No way I am touching a horse, let alone SADDLE it. I fall down on a stool in the little cafeteria. Little friend P. and youngest are sitting next to me, both with a tablet in their hands. I hand them a cupcake and they’re silent (hooray). There is a window, through which we COULD be able to watch C., but nobody is paying any attention. I am happily absorbed in my magazine for about ten minutes. After which there’s a disturbing amount of wriggling going on next to me. A bit annoyed I look up from the very exciting story I’m reading (about the real age of news presenter M…). ‘Oh goodness, P.. Your eyes are all red!’ The redness isn’t the only problem. P.’s eyes are also alarmingly swollen. ‘Are you crying? Are you allergic to horses? Why haven’t you said so? Can you still breath?’ Hysterically I’m bombarding P. with a thousand questions. P. looks at me with her big (red, teary) eyes. ‘I am not allergic to HORSES. Just HAZELNUTS.’ I grab a cupcake-wrapper out of the trashcan. Oh shoot.




Auteur: Renske Kaldewaij

Ella Ebeling is de creatie van schrijver en journalist Renske Kaldewaij. Net als Ella is Renske 38 jaar oud, ruim zeven jaar verloofd en moeder van drie kinderen. De verhalen zijn deels autobiografisch, deels verzonnen.

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